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The Futbolitos are the best soccer players in the world. They are agile, funny, very talented, friendly, and love to practice their favorite sport: soccer.

Their motto is "Always Soccer".

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Futbolitos League

It is the most important soccer tournament in the world. Only the best teams and Futbolitos have the honor of playing in the Futbolitos League.

The F

The "F" is the cup that is given to the winner of the Liga Futbolitos which represents pride, honor and love for soccer.



A lion with great leadership and balanced technique. He has a lot of heart and always seeks to have a good atmosphere both inside and outside of the field.

Skill: Intelligence on the field
Number 8
Celebration: Sees to heaven and raises his arms
Phrase: "The team is everything"


He has great handling of the ball, is a killer inside the goal box and a scorer by nature. He is strong, has great speed and he is unique because he is the only Futbolito that can fly.

Skill: Can fly and is relentless inside the penalty area
Number: 7
Celebration: I am the number 1
Phrase: "My technique is good, but my goals are fire"


He is a demigod soccer gladiator. He is good with the ball, fast and shoots with such great power that it seems like lightning bolts come out from his feet. He is calm outside the court, but he has an air of superiority inside the field.

Skill: Speed and power
Number 10
Celebration: The sign of thunder
Phrase: "There is no better mortal with the ball than Maxi"


Mia is a Futbolita with a lot of passion, talent and more talent. She is one of the best players in the league and has a lot of speed and tactical intelligence.

Skill: Spiral shot
Number 12
Celebration: Makes a heart shape with her hands 
Phrase: "Soccer is a thing of women warriors"


He is powerful. He shoots from anywhere and with the algorithms in his head he can put the ball anywhere making him a very dangerous player.

Ability: Powerful and precise shooting
Number 5
Celebration: Robot Dance
Phrase: "The speed of the brain is better than that of the legs"


Skilled, “gambetero”, and fast. He is a magician with the ball and has superb skills with his feet. He enjoys playing soccer and shows it every time he is on the field.

Skill: Dribbles
Number 9
Celebration: Kisses his badge and dances samba
Phrase: "A goal is a party"


Super skilled. He dominates the ball very easily and his rivals suffer if they want to take the ball away from him. He shoots with the hip and his accuracy is unbelievable.

Skill: Powerful hip shots
Number 11
Celebration: Snake pirouettes
Phrase: "The ball is part of me"


His brain is uncovered so that every time he heads off with the ball, the ball tends to have a curving effect that makes goalkeepers suffer. He is a great header.

Ability: Heading
Number: 0
Celebration: The airplane
Phrase: "If you try to stop me, your brains will disappear"

Captain Zero

Captain Zero is a powerful and skillful soccer player who in his time was a famous Futbolito. Now he does what is necessary, even cheating, to win games and win the F Cup. He hates the Futbolitos.

Skill: Unknown
Number 0
Celebration: Unknown
Phrase: Unknown


They are the inseparable companions of the Futbolitos. They represent team spirit and companionship.


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Atlético Leones

Atlético is the team with the most championships in the Futbolitos League. It was founded by warrior lions who were inspired by the colors of the blue sea and the sky for their uniform. It is a vertical and winning team.

Colors: Blue / White

Captain: Leo Milla the white lion

Stadium: The Blue Coliseum

Capacity: 100,000
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Real Dragón

Real Dragon was founded in the heart of the lands of Mibet by a group of skilled players who wanted to compete in the league. It is a powerful and mystical team with a lot of history behind. The team is the guardian of the main soccer secrets in the world.

Colors: Red / White

Captain: Gao the dragon

Stadium: Temple of Cuju

Capacity: 85,000
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Robot Soccer Force (RSF) was born due to the great passion that machines from technological zones had for soccer. Given its mechanical style of play, RSF is one of the most orderly teams in the league.

Colors: Blue / Orange

Captain: Robogol

Stadium: Arena Robot

Capacity: 65,000
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This team emerges from the land of the dead whose strength is the beautiful game. Zombie United is the team of the undead, magicians, spirits, and monsters who love soccer.

Colors: Green and purple

Captain: Zombinho

Stadium: Theatre of Nightmares

Capacity: 70,000
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It’s the team of the gods. Legend says that the god of soccer threw to Earth a huge thunder accompanied by a soccer ball, and when the sky shone, the famous golden jersey appeared with the "V" of victory.

Colors: Blue / Gold

Captain: Maxi

Stadium: Mount Olympus

Capacity: 200,000
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It is the representative team of the Aztecs. It is said that near the pyramids a feathered serpent dominating a soccer ball was found, a sign that a stadium would be built to compete in the Futbolitos League.

Colors: Bone / Green / Red

Captain: Tike

Stadium: Temple of the Serpent

Capacity: 65,000
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A spectacular team inside the field. Represents the power of girls in soccer and they dominate their rivals with a lot of punch and technique.

Colors: Pink / White / Black

Captain: Mia

Stadium: Mad Field

Capacity: 75,000
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From the sunny beaches this team emerges with heart and rhythm. The Tornados is the team with the greatest joy to play soccer in the league.

Colors: Green / Yellow

Captain: Santos

Stadium: Beach Stadium

Capacity: 80,000